Help us purchase Christmas Toys for 45 children in the Clovis East Area!

Toys Drive 2016 1.jpg

(Pictured Above: Toys we delivered to Clovis Area children in 2016)

What is this project all about?

As the Clovis East Team delivered our Thanksgiving Meals to families in our area, they chose 17 families to also ask the children what they hoped to receive this Christmas. Out of the 17 families, we have been given 45 names of children, hand selected by the Clovis East Transitional team, as being children living far below the poverty line. Out of respect for the families and safety of minors, we have created numbered ornaments for each child complete with age, gender and Christmas gift ideas.  

Now what?

1. We have a Toy Tree on Sunday morning with all 45 ornaments hanging, representing each child. A list of presents still available is found below. Feel free to look through the ornaments/list and choose who you'd like to purchase a gift for this Christmas Season.

2. Once you've chosen an ornament, please write down your name and the ornament number so we can be sure all 45 children receive gifts this Christmas. If you're choosing on-line, please complete the form below and let us know which number you have chosen so Pastor Connie can remove the number from the list so as not to double-up!

3. Then, do some shopping (keep gifts around $30)! Wrap your present and also affix the ornament to the bag/box.

4. Bring the present to church on Sunday or to our offices (please call to be sure we're open). Toys are due Sunday, December 17th! 

Have more questions??

Email Pastor Connie at:


List of Presents Still Needed

1. Girl, 18 – Adult Shirt (sm), Pants (0), wireless headphones, journal, likes music

2. Boy, 14 – Soccer, Likes to go to the movies

3. Boy, 4 – Legos, Police Cloths, Hot Wheels, Coloring

4. Boy, 4 – Clothes (5T), Legos, Puzzles, Hot Wheels

8. Boy, 12 – Shirts, Med Pants, Basketball, Football

9. Boy, 16 – Shirts (M), Pants (30), Basketball, Football

11. Boy, 14 – Drawing, board games, outdoor things, fishing pole

12. Boy, 16 – Drawing, board games, outdoor things

13. Boy, 10 – Shirt (men’s sm.); Pant (14 husky), video games, drawing

15. Girl, 14 – Likes movies, make-up, arts/crafts, board games

17. Boy, 12 – Adult size sm., wrestling, football, basketball, video games

22. Boy, 11 – Size 30 (L.), legos, toy boat, science experiment, fishing

23. Boy, 7 – Size 8, Legos, Minecraft legos, marvel superheroes

24. Boy, 5 – Shirt (child sm.); Pant (Toddler), Legos, Batman, Super heros

25. Boy, 11 – Drawing/Coloring, Computer Games

30. Boy, 9 – Med. T-shirt, Pants (10), Legos, puzzles, painting, basketball

31. Girl, 11 – Stuffed animals, wolves, drawing, painting, crafts

33. Boy, 11 – 10/11 Slim, wrestling, football, Seahawks, geography

35. Boy, 4 – Shirt (med.); Pants (10), basketball, Golden State Warriors, Sports

37. Boy, 11 – Drawing set, sonic Hedge Action Figure, Pokemon

38. Girl, 13 – Likes pop music, likes to sing, likes toy animals

41. Boy, 9 – lego set, video games

42. Boy,  - size small, youth; likes to draw, video games

43. Boy, 15 – Video games, lego, Marvel Super Heroes

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