Join our in-house, totally secured, online church directory called SERAPHIM Church Mobile App!  Our Church App can be used on iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets.  Here is what you will have access to:

  • Directory - Find phone numbers, emails and addresses of friends at LVCC; fully editable by you at any time!
  • Calendar - Stay up to date with events, classes and activities being held at LVCC.
  • Growth Group Finder - Check out the place, times and hosts for each of our Growth Groups.
  • Giving - Monitor your giving and print out contribution statements any time of the year.
  • Serving - Find out when you are scheduled to serve next.
  • Bible - Access the complete bible for services or bible studies.
  • Attendance - If you are a leader you can now take attendance on the fly.

For a closer look at SERAPHIM and to access tutorials, click here.


how can I get started?

Step #1:  Go to your App Store and download "Seraphim Church App." 

Step #2:  Fill out form below and submit it to our Office Coordinator, Sharon Parisi.

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Sign me up for LVCC Mobile App!

Step #3:  Once you receive an email invitation from Seraphim, click on the link they provide and create your username and password.  This step is essential in protecting the privacy of your personal information from the general public. 

Step #4:  Open up the LVCC mobile app, enter your username and password and you are all set!!