Who is Jesus?

This really is a defining question for the world. Some people will say that Jesus, was just a myth, or a prophet, or just a teacher, or even go as far to say that he is God in the flesh. While it's interesting to see what people have thought about Jesus and to hear who they say he was... it is even more interesting to hear who Jesus says he was. 

No one can deny that Jesus has some really good things to say about how we ought to love, live, and treat others. The part most people have a problem with are the claims that Jesus made about himself. Jesus claimed and acted as if he were God. You read about his life and when you come to his death, you see that the reason he was sentenced to death was because he claimed to be God! Jesus makes claims to hold the same honors, attributes, names, and even able to perform some of the same deeds as God (to forgive sins). 

We could say that Jesus was just a good teacher, but to lie about being God and have people give up their lives for a liar just doesn't seem that good. Jesus, maybe have just been delusional about being God... but you have to ask yourself how could a man with such a reputation with people of never doing something wrong, or such sound teaching be so crazy to think that he's God? Or maybe, Jesus was who he said he was. That he was the son of God, who has come to save his people.