Many people wonder what makes our church different or unique from all the other wonderful churches in our area. The answer is our core values. These values are convictions we hold to be important that describe how we behave, conduct ministry and treat each other.  These values don’t make us better, just different.  Not listed in any specific order, our values are…

Simplicity:  Sometimes less is more.

We value to keep our message and ministries simple.  Our lives are cluttered enough as it is.  Sometimes we connect with Christ best when we slow down, stop and just listen!

Relationships:  People are always the most important ministry.  

We value to not just be a friendly church, but a church where people can develop friendships.  We believe our faith was meant to be experienced within community.

Compassion:  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

We value compassion, showing Christ’s love in practical ways to the hurting.  We believe that carrying one another burdens reflects the very heart of God.

Relevancy:  Our methods may change, but our message stays the same.   

We walk a balance between cultural relevancy and sharing God’s timeless message. We do not compromise scripture or our witness, but strive to reflect our community in style, idioms and experiences.

Expectation:  God never wastes a Sunday. 

Each week the Lord moves throughout our church.  He takes the service that we offer and fills in the gaps.  It is our job to come prepared and offer our service with passion and excellence, and trust that He will breathe His life into our service.  Therefore, we will prepare with anticipation, passion and excellence knowing God is going to do what he purposes to do, no matter what the Sunday.

Authenticity:  Come as you are, keep it real and be yourself!  

We value to keep it real by being transparent and offering grace and support to each other. We don’t value facades or pretention, but desire each person to risk being known for who we really are.

Guests:  Guests are a gift from the Lord

We value guests and celebrate when new people check out church for the first time.  We put a heavy emphasis on follow up and integration, helping guests find a place within our fellowship.

Involvement:  Everyone is a 10 somewhere. 

The Bible says that everyone has been given spiritual gifts to be used in service to glorify Christ and build up the church.  We value for people to identify their gifts, become equipped to use their gifts and then serve not just within our church- but our larger community.

Intention:  Every event must have arrows!

We value to do everything with purpose and every event to have “arrows”. We desire for our lives and ministry to have a Spirit-led focus and intention. Our time and resources are too short to waste!

Progress: It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, it matters where you are going.

We value progress, not perfection.  We believe there is always one step we can take today, without worrying about where we should ultimately be tomorrow.