building update March 2017

Our architect, James Tomlin, has finished the floor, site and elevation plans.  The building will be around 11,000 square feet and include a worship center, classrooms, offices and a lobby.  We are still making a few changes, but here is a rough draft of what we are working on:


DRA Update

The DRA process stands for Director's Review and Approval.  It is the process the County uses to get projects approved.  During this process many agencies speak into the project giving their requirements needed for their approval.  Below is an overview of the different agencies and where we are in this approval process: 

1) DRA process

     1a) Fresno Irrigation District                                                                      Completed

     1b) Fresno Flood Control District                                                              Completed

     1c) Fresno County Planning – Zoning Division                                         Completed

     1d) Fresno County Public Works – Engineering Division                         Completed

     1e) Department of Public Health – Environmental Division                      Completed

     1f) State Water Resources Control Board                                                 Completed

     1g) Department of Public Health – Drinking Water Division                     Completed

     1h) Fresno County Fire Protection District                                                Completed

     1i) City of Clovis – Planning Division                                                        Completed

     1j) Fresno County Design Division                                                         Completed

     1k) Fresno County Building Department                                               Completed

     1l)  Fresno County Traffic Division                                                         Completed

     1m) Cultural Resources for Table Mountain Rancheria                             Pending


Church property has been formally appraised

An appraiser, BBG from Texas, performed a formal appraisal on our church property as a part of the requirements for the bond program.  We purchased the 25 acres at Shaw and McCall in 2004 for $875,000 ($35K/acre).  The appraiser has valued the property today as being worth $2,250,000 ($90K/acre)!!  If you would like a copy of the appraisal, let me know and I can email you a copy.