“Helping people take the Next Step towards Jesus Christ.”

It doesn’t matter where you are as much as where you are going.  Following Christ is a series of steps we take each day.  He allowed anyone to follow after Him, providing them a series of invitations based on where they were at:

·         “…come and see…” John 1:39

·         “…love one another…” John 13:34

·         “…remain in my words…” John 15:7

·         “…love me more than family…” Luke 14:26

·         “…eat my flesh and drink my blood…” John 6:53

·         “…deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me…” Matthew 16:24

Each invitation Jesus extended represented a step that person could take based on where they were at in their faith and commitment to Christ.  Jesus met people where they were but loved them too much to let them stay there! 


our strategy

Here at Loma Vista, we try to pattern our ministry around Jesus’ invitational steps:

Step #1:  Helping people BELIEVE in the basics of Christianity.      (worship)      

-Worship Services, Lord’s Supper, Baptism


Step #2:  Helping people BELONG to the church family.                   (fellowship)  

-Social Activities, Special Events, Membership, Class 101


Step #3:  Helping people GROW in their faith.                                     (discipleship)

-Growth Groups, Retreats, devotionals, Class 201


Step #4:  Helping people SERVE others.                                                (service)

-Ministry Teams, Service Projects, Class 301


Step #5:  Helping people SHARE their faith.                                         (evangelism)

-Mission Trips, Community Outreach, Class 401


Our NEXT STEP Courses reflect these steps and help you move from one step to the next.