We'd first like to welcome you Loma Vista and would love to invite you to a Sunday morning service. You'll find that we have something for children, youth, and adults, but most of all you will find a group of people who are seeking authenticity, relevancy, and transparency.

SUNDAY SERVICES - We meet Sunday mornings at 10:00 am at Reyburn Intermediate:


OFFICES & MIDWEEK PROGRAMS - During the week you can find us at our church offices at 1030 Gettysburg Ave #101 Clovis, CA:


Our church values

Authenticity: That the relationships we share be genuine without facades or pretension. We believe that because Jesus accepts us as we truly are, we have the ability to accept each other in the very same way.

Relevancy: That biblical truth be communicated in such a way that resonates with our hearts and minds. We believe Jesus' teachings to be true, and can change the hardest of hearts and transform us not into a better us, but a new creation. 

Transparency: We want to simply be real about our struggles, pains, and fears. We see Jesus loving us at our worst, and we want to do the same with each other in all our brokenness and frailty.