One of the things I love about Jesus and his message is that he turns everything upside down… for everyone. The “enlightened” people look at the religious and say, “You have it all wrong; it’s about finding your own way to whatever higher being best suites you.” The “religious” people look at the enlightened and say. “What sinners you are; we religious people have the truth and are closer to god because of our rituals and godly activity.” Jesus looks at both and says you are BOTH WRONG!

Jesus says it’s not about moral conformity or self discovery… it’s realizing that you are not only lost in your “badness” but you are also lost in your “goodness”. The Gospel isn’t about making bad people good, or good people better… it’s about making dead people alive!

Here at Loma Vista we want students to explore the Truth of Christianity and test it! We want to explore Christianity and see if it is True… is it historically true, philosophically true, and more importantly does it work?

Join the community of lost, good, bad, unsure, confused teens in the journey of figuring out who God is, what he has done, and how Jesus changes hearts.


Current Series: Disciple


I find it fascinating how people can become so knowledgeable in one specific area and it become just part of who they are. Sports, stats, science, books, the marvel universe... whatever it might be we know these people that are now just engrained with this knowledge and it become a part of them. 

What if we were so sold out for Jesus. What if we were so engrained with who Jesus is... that it was just a part of who we are? How different would our lives look like if were just obsessed with Jesus? I'm sure we'd get a lot of people talking about us... how weird/strange/stupid we might be, but they could never deny our service to others. 




Wednesdays: 7:00pm @ Church Offices 1030 Gettysburg Ave Clovis, CA