SR. High Intern

SR. High Intern

One of my favorite things about God is that He does not call us when we are perfect. He calls our name when we feel like we are at our worst and unworthy of anything good. He calls us to Him when we feel like there is nowhere else to go. He called Moses when he was an exile and ran away. He used Samson even though he failed God many times. He called Peter back even after he denied Jesus not once, but three times. The Bible is full of examples where God uses dirty people to do His holy work.

God wants you to know Him. It’s as simple as that. It does not matter if you have grown up in the church or if you have never set foot in one. God wants you to know Him. He knows everything you have done, the good and the bad. But He loves you so much that He sent His one and only Son to die for all your wrong doings. All so that you can get to know Him. I’ve know that for most my life and still find it amazing what He did.

So, if you are a High Schooler who feels at your worse, lost, defeated, or alone, please come visit our church. We would love to get to know you and let you know you are never alone and always loved.

And if you are a High Schooler that has the church experience, come join us to deepen your relationship with God and other believers.

Whoever you are and whatever you have gone through, I hope to see you here.


Current Youth Service Series:  Divine Design

Youth Service Sundays: 10:00am @ Reyburn Intermediate 2901 De Wolf Ave Clovis, CA 93619

(4th Sunday of the month we join big service for Lord's Supper Sunday)


Current Wednesday Series: "HABITS" 

Come join us to find out how to develop practical habits that will help you grow closer to God.

Wednesdays: 7:00pm @ Church Offices 1030 Gettysburg Ave Clovis, CA 93612


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