Saturday, May 20th 8:00a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Tickets: $10

Children 2-10years: $5; Children under 2 are free


Join us bright and early, Saturday, May 20th, as we journey into three different Loma Vista backyards in the Clovis area! Each backyard will provide you space to walk around and view ideas and techniques for creating beautiful, livable spaces. Our houses range from backyard vegetable gardening to backyard escapes! The last house will also have a Plant Sale with plants you may have seen at the homes. 

Your $10 ticket includes a progressive-style breakfast! At each house, a different part of breakfast will be provided. As you enter each yard, pick up a plate of food and then wander the gardens. (Coffee and Water at all four locations.)

And yes! Bring your children too! Providing times for families to have fun together is integral to our ministry here at Loma Vista! Likewise, teaching our children to see the beauty and joy of nature is important. Each house will have hidden treasures for children to find! Let your children be "detectives" as they smell leaves, search through the zinnias, explore dirt and run around with friends! 

Men and women, young and old - everyone is invited! Purchase your ticket early (buy one for a friend too!) and get ready for a fabulous morning in the garden!

Tickets on sale Sunday mornings @ Vista Café or at the church offices.

Your ticket includes a map to the first house and explanation of where to go next! So pre-orders are a MUST! Contact Pastor Connie for questions or additional information!