Join us beginning January 8th as we join churches across Fresno/Clovis for three weeks of praying and fasting for our families, friends, churches, community and world! We are delighted in your interest in spending time fasting and praying over the next 21 days. Sometimes it is hard to know what to pray for and what to read. This guide has been put together to help guide your prayers and focus over the next three weeks. Use a simple spiral notebook (or notes on your phone) and this guide to write down prayers, names and thoughts along your journey.

I pray God speaks to you as you read His Word, spend time in silence and engage in prayer.

Each day begin with reading a Psalm. Psalms are the prayer-book of the Jews. Jesus himself had every Psalm memorized and referenced them often in His teachings and as an encouragement for himself during times of need. A daily reading of a Psalm is a great way to remind yourself of God's faithfulness and promise of presence to you.

For information about how/why to fast, download our "21 Days of Prayer & Fasting" Brochure.

Blessings to you on your prayer journey!

Pastor Connie

Daily Prayer Plan:

Week #1

Monday, January 8th: Pray for Self ~ Psalm 63 & Lamentations 3:21-26

"Thank you, God, for a new year. Give me strength to put You first in my life. Guide me in making wise choices and teach me how to hear the whisper of Your Voice." Spend a few minutes in silent listening. Offer praise to God for His goodness and mercy to you in 2017. Rejoice in your blessings. Even when life is hard, His presence with us gives us reason to be glad.

Tuesday, January 9th: Pray for Friends & Family ~ Psalm 27 & Jeremiah 19:11-13

"I pray for my family and friends. Lord, for my friends and family who do not yet know You, bring Your salvation to their lives. Open up their hearts to hear Your voice. Give them courage to respond to Your call. Surround them with men and women to guide them to You. For my friends and family who do know You, give us confidence to be bold and love the stranger, honor the weak and be Your Light to those living in darkness." Write down names of specific family and friends and then spend time praying to God for each person.

Wednesday, January 10th: Pray for Neighbors, Colleagues, Peers ~ Psalm 3 & Matthew 22:35-40

"I lift up to You my neighbors, people I work with or sit near at school. May the song of Your Gospel reach their ears this year. Let my life reflect Your love, mercy, peace and grace. Give me a boldness to learn people's names, pet my neighbor's dog and engage in conversation." Spend time praying for specific people with whom you interact. Even if you don't know their name, write down something about that person. God will place people on your heart as you pray. Have courage to pray for them - even a simple, "may Your peace be with so-and-so" is perfect. (It's really fun to see how the more you pray for people, the more you begin to see them! - have fun with this one!) Pray for God to open your eyes to see opportunities to share your faith or love someone this week - even today!

Thursday, January 11th: Pray for Loma Vista, Leadership and Direction ~ Psalm 67 & John 15:1-14

"Thank you for Loma Vista Community Church. Give the pastors and leaders strength, protection and wisdom as they guide LVCC into 2018. Give our leaders peace in their homes, guidance in their decisions and unity as a team. Guide them to follow Your plans for our Clovis Community and hear Your voice as they lead." Spend some time praying for our Loma Vista Pastors, leaders and direction in 2018.

Friday, January 12th: Pray for Rain in the Valley ~ Psalm 85 & 2 Chronicles 7:13-15

"Our Valley is thirsty for rain. Our fields have dried and our hills are bare. We pray for Your merciful rain to refresh our Valley floor. Let our lakes rise and our rivers run. Clean our air with the wind of Your Spirit and restore our beautiful Valley. We cry for your mercy."  Spend time continuing to pray that God would renew our valley's resources and restore our land. 

Saturday, January 13th: Pray for Church unity in the Valley ~ Psalm 133 & John 15:9-17

"I pray for the churches in the Valley. I thank you for men and women devoted to the spreading of Your Good News of Your Kingdom and pray a special covering over them as they reveal Your Kingdom working within us here on earth. Break down barriers of self-kingdom building and give our valley leaders vision to see Your Vision for the Valley. Let them catch hold to a purpose larger than any one church and bigger than any one man. Let unity and fellowship be characteristic of our churches." Spend time praying God's blessing and direction for churches in our Central Valley.

Sunday, January 14th: Pray for our State ~ Psalm 1 & Romans 13:1-4

"I pray today for my state leaders. I know You are sovereign and put people into office for a reason. May they fear You and use discernment as they make decisions that influence and affect generations to come. I pray Your protection for California. Media wants me to live in fear, but I pray, instead, I would walk in love and kindness toward people. Give our state Your peace in politics as well as Your peace on earth. Quiet the fires, calm the storms and be still the quakes." Spend some time in silence. Keep your thoughts on the beauty of California that reflects the creativity and glory of God. Give God praise for the variety of geographic formations as well as the variety of races and people groups.  

Week #2

Monday, January 15th: Pray for Self ~ 42 & Ephesians 3:14-21

"Strengthen me with the power of Your Spirit in my inner man and deepen my understanding of the depths of Your love for me. Thank you for working in my life." Spend some time in silent listening, confession and prayer to God.

Tuesday, January 16th: Pray for Friends and Family ~ Psalm 116 & Romans 8:26-28

"Thank you, God, for interceding for me and bringing me into the saving knowledge of knowing Jesus. I pray for my family and friends who are on their own journey of faith - may they find Your road and begin a journey toward You." Look at your names from last week and continue to pray for each person.

Wednesday, January 17th: Pray for Neighbors and Colleagues ~ Psalm 143 & 1 John 4:7-21

"I pray Your love would be the fruit of my life. Let Your love be my motivation, my passion and my purpose in all I say and in all I do. I pray my witness of Your Love would be a witness to Your power at work within me." Spend time praying for specific people with whom you interact.

Thursday, January 18th: Pray for Loma Vista, Break our Hearts for the Lost ~ Psalm 134 & Acts 2:37-47

"Thank you for Loma Vista Community Church. We invite You to be the center of our Church and the foundation of our homes. We thank you for the people you will add to our Church in 2018 and pray you would give us wisdom as we care for, raise up and equip men, women, youth and children to follow You." Spend time praying for the people God will bring to LVCC in 2018.

Friday, January 19th: Pray for revival in the Valley ~ Psalm 103 & Ezekiel 37

"Just as our fields are dry, so are our bones dry, yearning for Your Spirit to breathe life into us. Give me ears to hear You and eyes to see You moving in my family and community. I pray Your Kingdom would come to the Valley in 2018." Spend time continuing to pray that God would renew our Valley.

Saturday, January 20th: Pray for Loma Vista Building ~ Psalm 127 & Matthew 5:25-34

"Thank you, God, for the blessing of Shaw & McCall. I pray Your Will would be done on that land and that You would use Loma Vista to be a beacon of Your Light, Hope and Love in our community. I pray for the leaders and builders that by Your Grace the project will be completed and funded to allow Your Kingdom work to continue in our community." Spend time praying for the building and details of our Building Project, "A Time to Build Up."

Sunday, January 21st: Pray for our Nation ~ Psalm 148 & John 6:41-51

"I pray today for my national leaders. I pray for our President, Vice President, Advisors and Committees. May the fear of God be greater than the Fear of Man. Let Your Name be Great and be honored when decisions are being made." Pray for specific leaders in our nation.

Week #3

Monday, January 22nd: Pray for Self ~ Psalm 130 & Ephesians 4:1-13

"I thank you for the Body of Christ and pray that You would continue to transform me into Your disciple who walks with all humility, gentleness and patience." Spend time in silent listening and praying to God.

Tuesday, January 23rd: Pray for Friends and Family ~ Psalm 112 & Matthew 5:13-20

"I pray for my family and friends. I pray that my life would shine Your Light. May my witness in word and deed soften hearts and open hearts to hear Your still, small voice. Give me courage to shine and confidence to know You are with me." Spend time praying for specific family and friends who God places on your heart.

Wednesday, January 24th: Pray for Neighbors and Colleagues ~ Psalm 121 & Philippians 2:1-11

"Open my eyes to see opportunities of Your Kingdom breaking into my world. Give me confidence to set aside time, resources or comfort to respond to Your movement and be Your healing presence in my community to my neighbors, colleagues and peers." Spend time praying for those specific people with whom you interact.

Thursday, January 25th: Pray for Loma Vista, Vision and Goals for 2018 ~ Psalm 131 & John 8:12-20

"Thank you for the Loma Vista Community. Thank you for the men and women who make up this Church. I pray Your presence and peace be with the people. Let Your grace and joy be evident with the people at LVCC and may your join us together in unity and fun in 2018. Spend time praying for people you know at LVCC.

Friday, January 26th: Pray for Repentance and Revival for our Churches ~ Psalm 13 & Ezekiel 47:1-12

"I praise You for the beautiful Valley. God, break my heart for the people, the cultures, the ground here in the Valley. I pray Your healing presence be in our mountains as we recover from fires and dead trees. I pray Your healing come to our dry lands. I pray for Your peace and hope to come to the people living in the Valley." Spend time continuing to pray that God would bring HIs Kingdom and mercy to our Valley.

Saturday, January 27th: Pray for our World ~ Psalm 126 & John 3:11-21

"Our world is hurting. I pray You would give me a heart and passion to bring Your healing, redemption and reconciliation to my World. You have created such diversity! Keep me from living in fear and instead give me courage to love. I pray Your peace would indeed come and reign in our World." Spend time praying for countries and communities of our World.

Sunday, January 28th: Thank God for our time of Prayer ~ Psalm 4 & John 10:7-18

"Thank you, God, for giving me the tenacity and grace to keep a focus on You and on my community over the last 21 days. As I step back into the 'real world,' keep my ears attentive to Your voice and my eyes open to how You are moving." Spend time thanking God for this 21 day experience of praying and fasting.