After 21 years of growing Loma Vista, we have finally arrived a the most unique place in our history as a church family. We get to embark on a journey that in the end will establish a permanent church in an area that is growing quickly in the Loma Vista area! Our vision has always been to build faith, families and a community of believers that can carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ! This is our time...our time to build up!

“Our Time to Build”                            3-5-17

“Building Devotion”                           3-12-17

“Building Trust”                                  3-18-17

“Building Faith”                                 3-26-17

weekly devotions & news:

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our vision:

To establish a permanent presence conducive to the architecture and style of our community, on a very visible street corner within the Loma Vista area, expanding its programs and serving hundreds of families in our community.  


our theme:

“A Time to Build Up”

  • …building up our faith
  • …building up our families
  • …building up our community

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT)
1  For everything there is a season …a time to build up.


our purposes:

1.  Meet the needs of children, youth and young families – Permanent facilities help instill confidence within parents by creating a safe and creative environment for their children and youth. 

2.  Meet the needs of unchurched families – Establishing a permanent presence will allow the unchurch families in the community to easily recognize our location, which will increase their curiosity and interest in what we have to offer.

3.  Meet needs of the community – A worship center will allow us to conduct weddings, funerals and special ceremonies for families and organizations within the community.  Allowing the City of Clovis and CUSD use of our ball fields will provide us an opportunity to meet the recreational needs that continue to go unmet. 

4.  Meet the needs of our own ministry teams – Owning our own facilities will provide our leaders and ministry teams accessibility throughout the entire week to build their own environments necessary to conduct their programs. 



1.  What do we plan to build? 

The plans call for an 11,000 sq. ft. building that will house a lobby, sanctuary, children’s wing, youth room and offices.  For details, check our "Our Property" page.

2.  How much will all of this cost?

The total costs of the building, fees and site costs will be $1.8-2.2M (we’ll know once plans are approved).  We plan on financing $1.8M of it through the bond program and raise another $425,000 in the next two years during the A TIME TO BUILD UP campaign.  Our current mortgage for the land and the bond program is $12,400 per month, up from $4400 per month.  


3.  Will this Building Campaign feel like a “high pressured” sales pitch?  I am concerned it will create the wrong kind of atmosphere on Sundays.

LVCC was founded on the belief that we need to give people information and answer their questions, love them and give them room to make decisions on their own.  In no way will we change the welcoming, “come-as-you-are” environment on Sundays. 


4.  Will my commitment be kept confidential?



5.  Is it okay to make a commitment to give an amount that I don’t have right now?

Yes!  Stepping out in faith pleases God (Heb. 11:6).  Make sure your commitment is based on what God is leading you to give.  Some are considering an “incremental pledge,” meaning an amount the first year, a higher amount the second year, and an even higher amount the third. 


6.  What is the plan?

Based on my personal experience with fundraising as well as observing and studying other churches, here is our basic plan:

Key components:

·         “Time To Build Up” teaching series        March 5th – 26th

·         Worship and Praise Night                         March 5th,

·         Growth Group presentations                    March 12th – 18th

·         12 hour prayer vigil                                   March 18th

·         Advanced Commitment Event                 March 19th

·         Commitment Sunday                              March 26th  


7.  How can I participate?

Pick up A TIME TO BUILD UP Brochure and Commitment card at our office or on Sunday mornings, and simply follow the directions.