Welcome to our Loma Vista Kids Morning Worship Service! We’re here to care for and teach our four year olds through sixth graders!

Our Kids Morning Worship Service

Our Kids Worship Service is designed for children of different ages to come together to worship, learn Bible lessons and build lasting friendships. This fun-filled class is packed with games, activities, crafts and much more that offer unique and memorable learning experiences. Our Morning is station focused with a Bible Story Station, Art Station, Games Station and Snack Station. While we recognize that age-gap is a challenge, we strive to reach each child with the love of Christ at a level each one can understand. Our activities, games, crafts and dialogue are designed to be not only interactive, but flexible for differentiation between each child’s needs. We love our children and consider each child a gift from God.

Our Curriculum

As a team we are creating a curriculum using the Jesus Storybook Bible as our foundation so that every story points the way back to Jesus. For the four years old to first graders, we use a felt board to help recreate the story. The second graders to sixth graders will have an object lesson or application to help them remember the story.

Our Sunday Schedule

10:00 – Children Arrive
10:00-10:10 – Welcome, Memory Verse and Worship
10:10-11:15 — Rotate through stations (Art, Bible Story, Games or Snack)
11:15 – Parents Pick-up kids in the Band Room (be sure kids bring home their personal creations)

Children must be picked up by a parent or grandparent with the correlating bar code or sticker.

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers ready to care for and teach your child during our Sunday morning service. Our class has a trained teachers and tour guides who lead our classes each week. Our volunteers are background checked and interviewed prior to serving on our team.

Our Snack Time

We are a Nut Free Area and we try to take into account every child’s food allergy, please let us know if you child has an allergy we need to be aware of.